Brothers, Little Sisters, and Friends,

1. What is 

The google group is a closed group not for the large groups of members.  It's only for the small committee working on the event.  We don't want to publish every detail of the inflight plans because they are evolving.  When we have a solid detail, we'll communicate it out via . 

Members are:

  • Ray Seaford
  • Scott Burgess
  • Jimbo Dunnam
  • Chuck Earle
  • Cason Parker
  • Jeff Marple
  • Aaron Birney
  • Mitch Feldman
  • Rich Lane
  • John Fantone
  • David Searles
 2. What is is the communication focalpoint for SAEs from USF.
3. I can't login to 

When you signed up for a membership you picked an ID and a password.  If you need either of those reset, you can do that your self from the front page "Login Form"


Still stuck?  Email Mitch Feldman using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.