News from Ray Seaford:


I am pleased to share with you the following:

Yesterday, we presented a check to the USF Ambassadors.  Great ceremony!  As previously reported, the 5K Donut Dash permitted us to meet our goal of donating $3,900 so that all USF Ambassadors have new green jackets.  Thanks again to all of the participants and sponsors of the 2019 inaugural running of our event.  Next date for event is Saturday, February 29, 2020.  Please save this date on your calendar and make sure to register when registration opens up within the next 60 days.  We are always looking for sponsors so if you are interested, please contact me directly.

Finally, some really shocking news.  Our fraternity has been steadily increasing our cumulative semester GPA well north of the 3.0 range for the past few semesters.  As of the Spring 2019 semester, our cumulative GPA was a 3.22!  Which means we are the highest ranked fraternity GPA on campus! 


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